Welcome to my practice.

Hello, I am a San Francisco licensed clinical psychologist with over 20 years experience providing psychotherapy to women, moms, and moms-to-be, particularly in the areas of women’s issues, perinatal mood and anxiety disorders and infertility. I am committed to helping women navigate difficult transitions and identities in their life, toward becoming more balanced, empowered and compassionate individuals. 

Many women I work with struggle with starting a family, miscarriage or loss, depression or anxiety, difficulties with nursing or transitioning back to work, high expectations, perfectionism, not feeling "good enough", difficulty balancing roles and adjusting to early parenthood.

Our culture gives us a distorted messages, encourages unrealistic expectations and minimizes how the above affect mood, stress level, and self-esteem. This leaves many women feeling inadequate and alone. 

I am also passionate about helping young woman who are struggling with adulting, relationships, boundaries, and family of origin issues.

In a professional, supportive and collaborative therapy experience, we can address and work through your concerns together. 

Please call me at 415­.487.­7402 to see if we might be a good fit or send me a message via my contact form.


 Specialty Areas Include



Life Transitions

Boundaries + Codependency


Perinatal Mood and Anxiety


Women's Issues


Maternal Mental Health